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Do you or a loved one have a Chronic Wound? A Chronic Wound is a wound that does not heal in an orderly set of stages and in a predictable amount of time the way most wounds do.  Wounds that do not heal within one month are often considered chronic.

“8 million people suffer from chronic wounds, and that number is quickly growing due to an aging population and an increase in diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

Quality Approach… Superior Results

Healing chronic wounds is a specialty...ours. At the DRH Wound Center skilled physicians use the latest advances in technology to heal wounds.
Every wound has its unique set of circumstances. Our National Healing Wound Center is equipped and staffed to address them all, with most treatments covered by Medicare/Medicaid, HMOs and other private insurance plans. We are experts at caring for people whose open sores have resisted traditional treatment with a success rate of 89% healed in 16 weeks.

Your Role in Healing

Much of the success of your treatment depends on You. We'll count on you to follow directions carefully and watch your progress closely. You'll learn about caring for your wound at home including how to change dressings and how to protect yourself from further injuries. We're always here to answer questions and give you the support you need to heal.

Your Wound…Your Care

At the DRH Wound Center, you'll receive the right treatment to heal your wound. Your wound care physician may prescribe some of these therapies:
• Debridement (removal of dead or damaged tissue)
• Specially chosen dressings and wraps
• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
• Bio-engineered tissue substitutes
• Platelet growth technologies
• Wound Vacs

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Meet Our Team

If you or your loved one has an open area you are uncomfortable with, you should call the DRH Wound Center as soon as possible.  Early treatment can help prevent infection, amputation and other more invasive treatments. No Physician Referral Needed!


Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

2115 Duncan Regional Loop Road

2nd floor of the DRH Pavilion