Executive Team


Jay R Johnson
President and Chief Executive Officer

Phone:  580.251.8555
Email:  jay.johnson@duncanregional.com
Undergraduate Degree:  Cameron University
Graduate Degree:  Virginia Commonwealth University
Certification:  Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE)

  Jay Johnson

Roger L Neal
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Phone: 580.251.8938
Email: roger.neal@duncanregional.com
Undergraduate Degree: University of Oklahoma
Graduate Degree: Oklahoma State University
Certification: Fellow of the Health Information and Management Systems Society (FHIMSS)

  Roger Neal

Cynthia M Rauh, DNP, RN, NE
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Phone:  580.251.8553
Email:  cindy.rauh@duncanregional.com
Undergraduate Degree:  Oklahoma City University
Graduate Degree:  University of Oklahoma
Certification:  Certified Nurse Executive with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

  Cindy Rauh

Mark W Rhoades
Vice President, Human Resources

Phone:  580.251.8594
Email:  mark.rhoades@duncanregional.com
Undergraduate Degree:  Oklahoma State University

  Mark Rhoades

William Stewart, MD
Vice President, Solutions Practice Management

Phone:  580.251.8992
Email:  william.stewart@jchok.com
Undergraduate Degree:  University of Oklahoma
Certification:  University of Oklahoma School of Medicine 

  William Stewart, MD

Douglas R Volinski
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 580.251.8554
Email: doug.volinski@duncanregional.com
Undergraduate Degree: Michigan State University
Certification: Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  Doug Volinski

Jefferson County Hospital


Richard Gillispie
President, Jefferson County Hospital

Phone: 580.228.2344
Email: richard.gillispie@jchok.com
Undergraduate Degree:Cameron University
Graduate Degree:Cameron University
Certification: Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE)

  Doug Volinski




Leadership Team


Adkins, Janet   Jackson, Chad
Director, Finance/Decision Support Services   Clinical Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 580.251.8573   Phone: 580.251.8843
Email: janet.adkins@duncanregional.com   Email: chad.jackson@duncanregional.com
Aukes, Anthony   Kelsey, Martin
Director, Imaging Services   Manager, Environmental Services
Phone: 580.251.8905   Phone: 580.251.8798
Email: anthony.aukes@duncanregional.com   Email: martin.kelsey@duncanregional.com
Baker, Denise   Lott, Nancy
Director, Revenue Cycle   Director, Health Information Management
Phone: 580.251.8927   Phone: 580.251.8665
Email: denise.baker@duncanregional.com   Email: nancym.lott@duncanregional.com
Beck, Betty   McCord, Leann
Director, Volunteer Services   Manager, Intensive Care Unit
Phone: 580.251.8495   Phone: 580.251.8485
Email: betty.beck@duncanregional.com   Email: leann.mccord@duncanregional.com
Berryhill, Dana   Morales, Rachel
Director, Pharmacy   Manager, Duncan Regional Homecare/Chisholm Trail Hospice
Phone: 580.251.8784   Phone: 580.251.8763
Email: dana.berryhill@duncanregional.com   Email: rachel.morales@duncanregional.com
Christian, Angela   Nelson, Kelly
Director, Business Development   Manager, Solutions Practice Management
Phone: 580.251.8219   Phone: 580.251.8281
Email: angela.christian@duncanregional.com   Email: kelly.nelson@solutionsppm.com
Cowan, Beth   Patrick, Chelsea
Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services   Director, Acute Care Services
Phone: 580.251.8463   Phone: 580.251.8485
Email: beth.cowan@duncanregional.com   Email:chelsea.patrick@duncanregional.com
Crissman, Sheila   Pennypacker, Julie
Coordinator,Team Member Relations   Director, Critical Care Services
Phone: 580.251.8215   Phone: 580.251.8894
Email: sheila.crissman@duncanregional.com   Email: julie.pennypacker@duncanregional.com
Crook, Cyndi   Proctor, Paula
Director, DRH Health Foundation, Community Relations   Director, Post-Acute and Psychiatric Services
Phone: 580.251.8844   Phone: 580.251.8735
Email: cyndi.crook@drhhealthfoundation.org   Email:paula.proctor@duncanregional.com
Deevers, Kathy   Taylor, Lanell
Coordinator, Patient Relations   Manager, Education Services
Phone: 580.251.6897   Phone: 580.251.8841
Email:kathy.deevers@duncanregional.com   Email:lanell.taylor@duncanregional.com
Edgar, JP   Thomas, Tracie
Director, Respiratory Care Services, Manager of CRU/TCU   Coordinator, Medical Staff Services
Phone: 580.251.8778   Phone: 580.251.8648
Email:jp.edgar@duncanregional.com   Email:tracie.thomas@duncanregional.com
Fancher, Diane   Toomey, Amy
Director, Materials Management   Manager, Inspirations
Phone: 580.251.8579   Phone: 580.251.8250
Email:diane.fancher@duncanregional.com   Email: amy.toomey@duncanregional.com
Franzen, Jodie   Webb, Kristen
Director, Quality Management   Director, Perioperative Services
Phone:580.251-8667   Phone: 580.251.8968
Email:jodie.franzen@duncanregional.com   Email:kristen.webb@duncanregional.com
Freeman, Rodney   Wininger, Patricia
Manager, Information Technology   Coordinator, Emergency Preparedness
Phone: 580.251.8950   Phone: 580.251.8229
Email: rodney.freeman@duncanregional.com   Email: patty.wininger@duncanregional.com
Genn, Chris    
Director, Home Services    
Phone: 580.251.8756    
Email: chris.genn@duncanregional.com    
Gonzalez, Tahia    
Director, Food and Nutrition    
Phone: 580.251.8767    
Email: tahia.gonzalez@duncanregional.com    
Hyatt, Jack    
Director, Facilities Management    
Phone: 580.251.8679    
Email: jack.hyatt@duncanregional.com