Fruit for Dessert

If you have a sweet tooth, one of your New Years Resolutions may have been to cut back on sweets. And even if it wasn't, cutting back on sweets is always a good idea. One way you can still satisfy your craving for something sweet is to have fruit in place of your usual desserts. Eating fruit for dessert is a double whammy- it helps get rid of some sugar- and fat-packed desserts you may usually have and helps you get the 1-2 cups of fruit recommended per day.



• Fruit has tons of water compared to typical desserts, so it can help you stay well-hydrated! Plus, it's cholesterol-free, and low in fat, calories and salt.

• The many vitamins and minerals found in fruit are essential for you to function how you’re supposed to

• Fruit contains fiber, which helps lower cholesterol, helps keep your bowels regular and helps you to feel full

• Diets that include plenty of fruits have been shown to be protective against many health problems, including heart disease and cancer



Fresh fruit is obviously the most healthy dessert option, but you can also use recipes that have fruit as the main ingredient to improve your dessert choice and add a serving of fruit to your diet. Baking fruit is a good way to bring out extra flavor and ensure that you will satisfy your sweet tooth.

fresh fruit
dried fruit
fruit & yogurt parfaits
fruit trifles
fruit smoothies
fruit popcicles
fruit dipped in chocolate or other dip of your choice
frozen grapes
canned fruit in water or light syrup
fruit tarts
fruit pizza
fruit salad
grilled pineapple
baked pears or apples

Kayla Michel MS, RD/LD
Duncan Regional Hospital


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