Allowing Kids to Dream - Hands on Health Interactive Center

I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity provided by your program.  My students love the interactive hands-on learning.  Your program allows students to see different career possibilities in the health and medical field.  Students also learn more about the human body and staying healthy.

I recently took my fifth grade students on a field trip to the Hands on Health Center.  My students greatly looked forward to it and enjoyed every aspect of it.  Their favorite parts included interacting with the wheelchair, the pharmacy, the “Arrive Alive” car and the entire play area.  They also enjoyed the guest speaker and making moveable hands using straws.  The experience opened their minds to a variety of career options in the medical field.

As an educator, I strive to enrich my students by providing them with a wide range of knowledge and career possibilities.  This field trip helped me reach that goal.  Students learned about various careers in the medical field and it was apparent that they were interested in what they learned.   In fact, one of my students commented to me that he no longer wanted to be a professional football player but wanted to be a surgeon instead.  Another student, walking with him, agreed that he was considering being a doctor as well.  These students now have career goals to reach.  Had I just spoken about the jobs, the students would not have gained the personal knowledge or experience they received from attending the Hands on Health Interactive Center.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to attend the program, thereby giving us the opportunity to enrich our students’ lives.


Erica Stuck
5th Grade Teacher
Horace Mann Elementary

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