Returning you to your life

Duncan Regional Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary Team works to help you strengthen your heart and lungs. This program is particularly beneficial for patients recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery. If you have a chronic lung or heart disease you may find our Cardiopulmonary Team can help you increase your stamina and help you breathe easier.

Benefits of Cardiopulmonary Rehab

Our cardiopulmonary team works with you and your family to make your transition back to daily life as smooth as possible. Our cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program can help:

• Strengthen and condition your heart and lungs
• Control your weight and lower your total cholesterol levels through good nutrition and physical activity
• Understand your medications, the signs and symptoms of heart or lung disease, and when to seek medical attention
• Increase your self-confidence
• Lay the groundwork for the development of a healthier lifestyle
• Reduce your symptoms and chances of experiencing another cardiac event
• Develop breathing techniques and manage shortness of breath episodes
• Return to work and activities of daily living more quickly
• Develop coping, and stress reduction skills, and relaxation techniques

How to Enroll

Duncan Regional Hospital’s cardiopulmonary program is available to adults diagnosed with various heart diagnoses including coronary artery disease, as well as various lung diseases such as COPD.  A physician referral is required and the referring physician is provided with progress reports on a regular basis. Most insurance companies cover all or part of the program costs. Coverage may vary with individual policies.


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For more information about Duncan Regional Hospital's cardiopulmonary services, please contact us at (580) 251-8777