Cardiac Rehabilitation

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation at Duncan Regional Hospital is a monitored, supervised exercise and education program designed to help you recover from a heart event such as a heart attack, heart surgery or heart failure.

Once your physician has referred you, we will perform a thorough evaluation to assess your abilities, limitations, and any risk factors.  Then we develop a personalized exercise program specifically for you. This is designed to improve the efficiency and stamina of your heart and your overall heart health. We work with you to reduce your heart risk factors.

Who can benefit from cardiac rehabilitation?

Anyone whose medical history includes:

• Heart attack
• Heart Failure
• Coronary artery stenting and/or angioplasty
• Stable angina
• Heart or heart/lung transplant
• Coronary artery bypass surgery
• Valve repair or replacement




We will share information about making needed lifestyle changes with you. These session include information on diet, exercise, lipids and cholesterol, eating out, coronary artery disease and heart function, medications, and coping with stress. Individual consultations with the dietician are also available.


Our goal is help you and to reduce anxiety while increasing your knowledge about where you are in your heart recovery. We strive to improve your physical, mental, and social well being.

Located at:

2115 Duncan Regional Loop Rd, Suite 200
Duncan, OK 73533

For more information about Cardiac Rehabilitation, call 251-8220 or 251-8782.